Clubhouse Volunteer Opportunities:


Service Coordinator / Check In Host:

As the First Face people see when coming into the clubhouse, this serving position is perfect for people who love to smile, interact with others, and get on kids levels to greet them, and welcome them into God's House. The Service Coordinator is also the go to / leader during their service for our clubhouse area. 

Room Leader:

As a room leader, you are the go to person within the room you are serving. A great Room leader loves to get on the kids level and: play a game, lead an activity, craft a craft, or eat a snack.

Room Assistant:

Starting the game, leading a small group, helping direct kids with extra attention needs are all a part of being a great room assistant. As well as enjoying playing games, leading activities, crafting crafts, or eating snacks. 


As the Lead Teacher for the day, you prepare our "Clubhouse Service" We have a simple service order to work with, but the creativity and teaching style can be up to you. Our Curriculum provides an easy to walk through lesson, or taking the main point, bible story, and memory verse, you can change it to work well in your style. 

Teacher Assistant:

As a teachers assistant, be ready to dress up/sing/ dance/ help with offering or crowd control as well as puppets or characters. The role of Teachers Assistant can vary by teacher, so we recommend signing up together with a teacher to ensure a great team fit. 





Clubhouse Rooms

Sensory / Activity / Play Rooms:

At the start and close of every service, Kids enjoy uplifting relationship building with each other while playing with a variety of age appropriate activities and toys. 

Craft Room:

In the center of the Clubhouse is the craft room, full of a variety of things, this room is used to engage both fine motor and imagination skills while centering around the days main God point or Bible story. 

Activity Room:

Here we get off the group, and up from tables, as we run / jump / crawl / and more while we review the days bible story or main point. Gross motor and relationship building are key components to what happens in the Activity Room

Lesson / Snack Room:

Equipped with a little backdrop ready for puppets or characters to come out of, as well as a tv, the stage in in corner is perfect for teaching the days lesson. After the lesson, the tables on the walls flip down, the carpet squares are put away, and snack becomes a fun time of reviewing the days Bible story.


The Clubhouse also has a check in area, coat racks, and Outside play area when the weather permits. 


To get involved with the clubhouse contact Pastor Allon at