Joanne Oftedahl - Philippines

Harold and Elizabeth Osland - Portugal

Dwight Palmquist - Philippines

Charles and Tahnya Porter - Africa

Nick and Olivia Puccini - Estonia

Phil and Denise Reed - Ukraine

Richard and Debra Ried - Lesotho

Marti and Brenda Roman - Benin, West Africa

Mike and Mona Shields - Latin America

Randy and Becky Tarr - West Africa

Ginny Tripp - Vietnam

Brad and Rhonda Walz - Latin America

Phil and Katja Zarns - Sweden

Julie Boone - Chile

Jon and Jennifer Dahlager - Costa Rica

Mark and Janie Durene - Asia

Dale and Delight Eytzen - Caribbean

Paul and Jocelyn Gracza - Hungary

Rocky and Sherry Grams

Dave & Angela Jacob - Trinity Bible College

Mark and Anjali Jones - Eswatini

Randy and Linda Lindsey - Mexico

Doug and Corrine Lowenberg - Kenya

Dareth and Thida Ly - Cambodia

Robert McKay - Republic of Georgia

David and Sandra Millsaps - Lithuania

Nicaraguan Resource Network (Pastor Lydia) - Nicaragua

* Due to the persecution of Christians in some countries, there are Missionaries who are not listed here for their safety.