Spring Groups begin the week of April 2nd


We believe you can't do life alone.

Are you looking for a way to get connected to other people in our church? If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus and take next steps, you need people surrounding you to encourage you, challenge you, and be there for you. Groups are a great opportunity for you to get connected to our church and take your relationship with God to the next level! 

Engage in meaningful relationships by doing life together. Be a part of each others lives and be on a mission together. It is in the context of these groups that genuine community and growth begins to happen.  We offer three types of groups at Heritage.

  • Campus Groups:  Held at the church in a classroom environment, these groups help to educate on life.  Topics covered are essentials of faith, parenting, finances, marriage, and much more.
    • Childcare & Children's Ministry programming is available for our Campus Groups on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning.
  • Activity Groups:  Activity groups engage people through activity, encouraging connection and most of all fun!  Whether it's camping, hiking, art, sports, or any other interest, these groups help connect people to do life together.
  • Life Groups:  Life Groups meet in homes and are a social place to meet new people, make friends, grow in faith, have fun, and serve together.  The same Life Group meets from semester to semester.


Online Registration for our Spring Groups 


Click here for the complete description of all of our spring groups.



Campus Groups, Wednesday Evenings

  • The Gathering
  • Interactive Prayer Group
  • Stuck
  • S.H.A.P.E.
  • Spiritual Parenting
  • Traveling Light (Psalm 23)
  • Twelve Steps to a Spiritual Journey
  • 12 More Women of the Bible
    • Wednesday Evening Dinner:  Starting at 5:45pm, make your life easier and participate in fellowship by having dinner as a family and with friends, in the Fellowship Hall.  For just $2 per person, you and your family can enjoy a home cooked meal and some time together before groups begin.


Campus Groups, Sunday Mornings

  • Mere Christianity
  • Proverbs


Campus Groups, Various Times

  • Men's Bible Study, Tuesday Mornings
  • Mom's in Prayer, Friday Mornings
  • R.I.S.E. Home School Group, 1st Friday
  • Young Adults
  • 31 Prayers for My Future Husband, Sunday Evenings


Activity Groups, Various Times

  • Classics
  • Bicycle Activity Group
  • Down By the River - Canoeing & Kayak Group


Life Groups, Various Times

  • Sundberg Group (Saturday evenings, once a month)
  • Reeder Group, Sunday Evenings


Life Groups, Friday Evenings 

  • Lehman Group
  • Wentworth Group
  • Wileman Group