Volunteer Positions Available:


Nursery Service Coordinator / Check In Host:

Greet Parents, help babies get to the correct rooms, check children out as they are picked up- check tags, help in rooms that need additional help, page parents if needed. Coordinate Room Volunteers and Assistants when needed. 


Nursery Room Leader:

Be the lead / go to person for questions within your room. Supervise Room needs, and oversee snack, rocking kids, play, changing diapers if necessary, and other needs. 


Nursery Room Assistant:

Take care of and minister to our little ones. Play with them, feed them snack, rock them, and change diapers as necessary. 




Room Overviews:


Jungle Room: (Birth - Crawlers, 0-12 months)

Specifically designed for little kids who spend time looking at the ceiling, we have decorated and designed this area with age specific interactive toys and activities.

Big Bug World: (Walkers - Runners, 12 months - 24 months)

For those looking to walk, climb and begin fine motor interaction, this room is decorated, designed, and developed with activities, lessons, toys, and more. Big Bug Mirrors, Circle Trees, and soft climbers make this room fun and engaging. 

Underwater Adventure: (Runners - Jumpers, 24 months - 36 months)

With A Mini Playset, Soft Climber set, games, toys, and activities designed for those starting to discover their world, this room brings a wave of fun, exploring, and gross motor activities. This is also the room where we have a short bible story, and offer fine motor crafts some weekends. 

Also in Our Nursery Area:

Sleepers Room, Check In, and Nursing Moms Room. 

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